Meet Debbie

Your trusted brow artist

Debbie has an impressive 30 years experience as a top make-up artist, giving her the ability to identify the brow shape best suited to any face. Debbie enhances, defines and reshapes eyebrows to perfection using cosmetic tattoo techniques. The result is hassle free eyebrows that don’t wipe off, look great and are low maintenance.

Debbie listens to her clients so attentively and ensures that the end result is a combination of what they are after as well as what is best suited for their face in terms of shape and colour. 

With sterile equipment, medical grade numbing cream, no rushed appointments and a clearly explained procedure you won’t be disappointed with your eyebrows with Debbie!

If you are seeking extra comfort in knowing that Debbie can be trusted with your brows visit Facebook filled with 5 star reviews and Instagram for an array of before and after shots.

Please fill in the contact page below. Debbie gets to her emails within 24 hours and will reply as soon as possible. All enquiries and bookings are done in writing on email.

You can contact Debbie via WhatsApp, however you will still be directed to email for dates, address, price in your area. WhatsApp 082 804 2748.