About The Procedure

The procedure explained & why I use machine brows

Permanent make-up, semi-permanent make-up, micro blading, micro pigmentation, feather stroke, hair stroke eyebrows, powder brows, ombre brows, colour mist brows, shaded brows. No matter what style of eyebrows you settle for as the most suitable technique for your skin type and finished look – all the techniques ARE tattoos. Pigment (similar to tattoo ink) is implanted 1.5mm to 2mm under the surface of your skin and is therefore a tattoo. It provides suitable definition and a much better shape than just tinting your eyebrows.

Great brow shape is only half the job done. The shape as well as the colour are both very important. Both of these aspect are thoroughly discussed prior to getting started to ensure you are happy! A great way for Debbie Jean to see exactly what you are after is to come with your brows done as you would when doing your make-up. 

Both micro blading and machine brows are considered a tattoo, as both techniques implant pigment under the skin. Micro blading is done with a tiny blade made up of micro needles in a row while machine brows use needles entering and exiting the skin. The needles have many configurations based on what technique will be used to create the eyebrows. Artists can create hair strokes or shading with both micro blading and a machine.

I opt for a blade – I choose to use needles because needles puncture/prick the skin while blades create a mini slice into the skin. Brows done with needles last longer, there is less trauma to the skin and the colour is more stable. Machine brows are ideal for all skin types.

Micro Blading vs Machine Brows Explained

Micro Blade vs Machine Brows Needle Pigment Implant

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