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Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows have various names which can be confusing:

Permanent make-up, semi-permanent make-up, micro blading, micro pigmentation, feather / hair stroke eyebrows, powder brows, ombre brows, colour mist brows, shaded brows. No matter what style of eyebrows you settle for as the most suitable technique for your skin type and finished look – all the techniques ARE tattoos. Pigment (similar to tattoo ink) is implanted 1.5mm to 2mm under the surface of your skin and is therefore a tattoo. It provides suitable definition and a much better shape than just tinting your eyebrows. Ensure the artist you choose creates great brow shapes – this is half the job done. The shape as well as the colour are both very important.

Getting your eyebrows enhanced through cosmetic tattoo techniques is ideal for busy women who don’t have time to fill in their eyebrows every day. It’s also great for those with fading eye sight and those who have sparse eyebrow hair. So if you have thin eyebrows or brows with lots of gaps, this procedure is ideal for you.

Cosmetic tattoo is considered an art, not a science, this is due to the fact that the artist is working on a living organ – the skin. The fade rate of the pigment varies from person to person. Some ladies only need to see their artist once every few years for a touch up, while others every year. At your appointment you should have time to chat to your artist about the colour, technique and your expectations. Normally this is done while your brows are numbing. Your artist should draw a suitable shape that you get to approve before they start to work on your skin. The first appointment is about 2 hours and your touch up, about 1.5 hours.

You need to allow your eyebrows to heal for 7 – 10 days after the procedure. During this time you cannot perspire (so NO heavy exercise), as the pigment needs time to take hold in the skin and will get pushed out of the skin by the perspiration. You can also get an infection from the perspiration. You will need to keep your eyebrows in a hygienic environment during this healing time. Your artist will give you after care products to use.

IMPORTANT: You need to wait for a full month to see your outcome – so for the 1st week to 10 days, your eyebrows are healing. They might get small scabs and the pigment will go quite dark – DO NOT pick at the scabs. This is not your healed result. Your healed result will show only after a month and will be softer, lighter and more smudged looking. Sometimes after the 1st week your eyebrows might look very light – the colour needs TIME to resurface and develop. How much resurfaces is different on every client – maybe 60% to 90% for example – you need to wait and see.

After the week of healing your skin will have grown over the pigment and it will start to look more like a part of your features and not like pigment sitting on top of your skin.

Having your eyebrows done is a 2 part process and sometimes even a 3 part process. You are then good to go for at least a year or more before the colour looks dull and needs a refresh. A little tip – if your brows have faded over time you can use the pigment colour in your skin as a wonderful guide if you want to darken your eyebrows with a pencil or eye shadow. Having the pigment under the skin to follow makes applying your eyebrows so much faster and easier.

Why touch up after your main procedure:

Your touch up takes place based on how the pigment ages in your skin – so anything from 6 weeks to approximately 3 or 4 months. As your skin is a living organ, no one can give you an exact date for the touch up. You need to see how the pigment settles into your skin and what the fade rate is like in your skin.  One can see this after about a month. Then if you need a touch up you can book any time from 6 to 8 weeks after the 1st procedure. If you don’t have a high fade rate you can book your touch up when you need it. The 1st main procedure should get most of the job done. The second procedure addresses the colour – if it needs to go darker based on how your skin has taken the colour. It also gives your artist a second round to get more pigment into your skin for a longer lasting result. If the pigment heals a bit patchy this can also be focused on. The shape can also be refined. You will need future touch ups based on how your skin holds the colour. The touch up will redefine your eyebrow colour and shape.

Why I don’t micro blade:

Both micro blading and machine brows are considered a tattoo, as both techniques implant pigment under the skin. Micro blading is done with a tiny blade made up of micro needles in a row. Machine brows use needles and a power source is needed to operate the machine. The needles have many configurations based on what technique will be used to create the eyebrows. Artists can create hair strokes or shading with both micro blading and a machine. I choose not to use a blade – I choose to use needles because needles puncture / prick the skin while blades create a mini slice into the skin. Brows done with needles last longer, there is less trauma to the skin and the colour is more stable. Most artists that do eyebrow work full time do not micro blade. Micro blading is ideal for young dry skin. Machine brows are ideal for all skin types.


When one looks on social media at the gorgeous women having their brows done and the touched up photos one can have an unrealistic expectation of what the end result will be. I do not touch up any of my photos and I like to offer lots of education to my clients. I hope you decide to choose me as your eyebrow artist.   I specialize in eyebrows only – It is my full time job. I don’t just follow your eyebrow hair, I create the most suitable brow shape for your features. I have been a professional make-up artist since 1994. I use sterile equipment, my procedures ARE pain free and I do not rush appointments. 

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