Before & Aftercare

Everything you need to know about before & after your appointment

After your procedure, you need to allow your eyebrows to heal for 7 – 10 days. During this time you cannot perspire (so NO heavy exercise), as the pigment needs time to take hold in the skin and will get pushed out of the skin by the perspiration. You can also get an infection from the perspiration. So keeping your eyebrows in a hygienic environment during this healing time is important, we will give you after care products to use to ensure this happens.

IMPORTANT: You need to wait for a full month to see your outcome. As mentioned, for the first 7 to 10 days, your eyebrows are healing. They might get small scabs and the pigment will go quite dark – DO NOT pick at the scabs. This is not your healed result. Your healed result will show only after a month and will be softer, lighter and more smudged looking. Sometimes after the 1st week your eyebrows might look very light – the colour needs TIME to resurface and develop. How much resurfaces is different on every client – maybe 60% to 90% for example – you need to wait and see!

After the week of healing your skin will have grown over the pigment and it will start to look more like a part of your features and not like pigment sitting on top of your skin.

Having your eyebrows done is a 2 part process and sometimes even a 3 part process. You are then good to go for at least a year or more before the colour looks dull and needs a refresh. A little tip – if your brows have faded over time you can use the pigment colour in your skin as a wonderful guide if you want to darken your eyebrows with a pencil or eye shadow. Having the pigment under the skin to follow makes applying your eyebrows so much faster and easier.

Touch Up's

Your touch up takes place based on how the pigment ages in your skin – so anything from 6 weeks to approximately 3 or 4 months. As your skin is a living organ, no one can give you an exact date for the touch up. You need to see how the pigment settles into your skin and what the fade rate is like in your skin. One can see this after about a month. Then if you need a touch up you can book any time from 6 to 8 weeks after the 1st procedure. If you don’t have a high fade rate you can book your touch up when you need it.

The 1st main procedure should get most of the job done. The second procedure, if needed, can address the colour and if it needs to or you would like to go darker based on how your skin has taken the colour. It also provides the opportunity to get more pigment into your skin for a longer lasting result. If the pigment heals a bit patchy this can also be retouched in the touch up. The shape can also be refined. You will need future touch ups based on how your skin holds the colour. The touch up will redefine your eyebrow colour and shape.

Here are some additional video’s to help you with any pre or post procedure care:

Pre & Post Care

Aftercare Products – Cleaning & Care

Additional Aftercare Techniques

Long-term Brow Care

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